We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions to ebook publishing. We tailor our services for each author - we identify what needs to be done and charge exactly for that. Nothing more, nothing less.

With many years of experience in the digital conversion industry, we offer a range of services for converting your books, manuscripts or text document from any format of hard copy or soft copy to epub, mobi, Kindle KF8 format or any other desired ebook reader format. As we specialize in this unique service of digital conversion across a number of formats, our expertise has found favour with thousands of authors and digital book readers all over the world. Therefore, if you are a first-time author, or a publisher, it would benefit you to avail of our services.

Our level of product delivery is at par with world standards, as we offer our conversion formats to customers across the globe, with our main focus on converting from xml to epub formats. We have helped to convert thousands of books for our customers in their preferred formats, while our main focus has always been on epub conversions.

The important thing in digital conversion is the capacity of providers to keep the same kind of formatting as in the original document. Also, the more complex the book, with intricate designs and a number of visual images, higher the level of specialized formatting that is required. While fiction books are easier to convert, non-fiction ones could take some more expertise.

During the process of conversion, some major format details could get disturbed, like for instance, headings, columns or graphs could not be visible in the digital version at all. Only after intervention manually will the formatting become more accurate and concise.

We are experts at converting files from Word, PDF, XML, HTML and text, printed documents, QuarkXPress and scanned files, to formats like Palm, Smash words, ePub, Kindle, mobi,  and others.

Our formats pass all standard checks and are actively used for display in the most popular devices.

Our Objective

We strongly believe that the reason behind our success is not just our hard work and effort alone. But our clients are equally responsible, because when they entrust us with a project, we get a platform to showcase our ability and potential. Our motto is to grow together as a team and attain the height of success.

Our Vision

To be the most popular eBook publishing company. We want to change the way authors createdistribute and market their eBooks online.

Do you want to get our quality service for your book?