eBook Formatting

At Queek eBook, real people who care about your eBook do all of the formatting. Each eBook has a single, dedicated formatter who goes through it line-by-line to make sure everything looks perfect. As an author, you want your eBook to look professional on every eReading device, and Alpha eBook makes sure that it does.

Our professionally-formatted eBooks are guaranteed to give you a head start in achieving self-publishing success.

What do I need to know about eBook formats?

There are three main eBook formats. Learn which kind best suits your manuscript:

  • Reflowable (Standard) eBooks: Reflowable eBooks are the most popular type of eBooks among self-publishing authors. They are called "reflowable" because the content “flows” or adapts to the device’s size, resolution, and orientation. Readers can adjust the font size and margins on their devices. Reflowable eBooks are ideal for books that are primarily text, such as novels and text-heavy non-fiction.
  • Fixed-Layout eBooks: Fixed-Layout eBooks are “typeset” just like print books and retain the same exact appearance across all devices. However, they are not as widely compatible as reflowable ebooks, and readers cannot adjust font size, margins, etc. This format is ideal for publishing image-rich books that require specific layouts such as cookbooks, children’s books, or coffee table books.
  • Enhanced eBooks: Enhanced eBooks contain media such as audio, video, animations, interactive quizzes, etc. Both reflowable eBooks and fixed-layout eBooks can be enhanced eBooks, but feature compatibility varies depending on the platform or device your readers use to read your enhanced eBook.

Unsure which best suits your project? We're happy to guide you, just give us a call or send us an email. Or, you can read a more detailed description of any of the above by clicking on the name.

What’s makes Queek’s eBook formatting service unique?

  • Nested Table of Contents:
  • Drop Caps
  • Hyperlinked Footnotes
  • Text Borders
  • Background Color
  • Sidebars
  • Color Text
  • Advanced Image Placement and Captions
  • Complex Lists

How does the eBook formatting process work?

  1. You send us the book, virtually in any format by emailing us at info@queekpub.com
  2. We create a free eBook sample for review, and provide a quote for the full eBook formatting.
  3. You provide feedback, and we revise the sample, if needed.
  4. When the sample meets your approval, you pay the quoted amount for the full eBook formatting. (Or, you pay nothing, if you decide not to proceed.)
  5. We deliver the full distribution-ready eBook you need to self-publish online.
  6. You provide feedback, and we revise the eBook, if needed.
  7. Final product is verified by ePubCheck and other validation tools if any error occurs
  8. We help you upload the eBook to Amazon, iBooks, etc for distribution and sale.
  9. You enjoy self-publishing success!

Do you want to get our quality service for your book?