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Looking for an author website designer?

Many successful authors have websites that are the hub of their online marketing activity — they provide a central platform for everything from blogging to book sales and email newsletters. But what should you include in an author website?

With your own author website, you can:

  • Include a list of published books
  • Provide a way to contact the author
  • Who are you? (Biography)
  • What books have you published?
  • Include links to the author’s social media profiles
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Rank high in Google searches for your name or for your subject matter
  • Sell your eBooks directly, without paying royalties to a distributor
  • Connect with your readers (through updates, social media or inviting them to join your mailing list)
  • Build your author brand, with a custom site design that fits your personal taste and your genre of literature

Why should Queek design my author website?

We’re glad you asked! Hiring Queek to design your website only makes sense:

Lower set-up cost - At just $149, our author websites are an amazing bargain. You’ll find that custom websites are often three or four times that price, even without the book sale integration (through Paypal) that is included in all of our sites.

Higher cash returns - When your readers are looking for your book, and find your Queek-built site, they can purchase it directly from you. Why pay Amazon or iTunes 30-40% of each eBook sale? Put money back in your pocket by selling your book directly from your website!

Convenience - You don't need any technical knowledge to work with Queek's web design department. Queek provides full tech support, because you’re an author, not a coder, right? For example, getting a website involves purchasing a domain name (such as, and server space, which can be complicated and expensive. But Queek offers six months of free hosting on our server, as well as a free domain name (such as, included in the original $149 set-up fee. We also provide simple website adjustment tools that all you to make minor edits to your page by yourself, if you like. It’s all part of the hassle-free Queek experience.

Brand quality and consistency - Our sites are clean and classy. Just take a look at a few examples of our work:

When Queek creates both your eBook and your website, our designers can carry your custom look across the book and the site, for greater brand consistency.

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